We need a public inquiry

We need a full public inquiry into the UK response to the coronavirus crisis.

The UK is currently on course to be the worst-hit European country, suggesting systemic failings in the approach taken to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

The number of lives lost may jump further when we account for the inadequate reporting of coronavirus casualties in the community and in care homes, which raises questions about government honesty in documenting the crisis.

We have already had several scandals, including the ‘herd immunity’ strategy, dropping contact tracing, woefully inadequate Covid-19 testing, and a slow, half-committed initial response while other European countries locked down fast. Combined, these have likely cost many lives.
There has also been a shocking dearth of support for the NHS with key supplies (such as PPE and ventilators),despite opportunities to obtain such supplies from standard NHS suppliers or international sharing & procurement programmes. This has endangered our frontline staff and patients alike.
Finally, a pandemic simulation in October 2016 warned of these supply risks and related issues, yet this government irresponsibly chose not to act on the warnings, leaving our NHS and public vulnerable to a pandemic.
We cannot ever again leave our NHS so under-resourced,  expecting brave elderly doctors to return from retirement to save our lives only to lose theirs, and leaving frontline staff to treat patients dressed only in bin bags and thin surgical masks. All political leaders must now commit to an inquiry to identify what has gone wrong, learn the lessons, and ensure it never happens again.
You can help start this essential process by signing our petition for a full public inquiry into the UK government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.
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