The latest updates from March for Change

Our New Mission

Since the general election, we have taken the time to reassess the political environment, and refocus March for Change to be a campaign fit for the future. We campaigned long and hard against Brexit but now, in this new political reality, we are looking to the battles that lie ahead.

We need to extend the Brexit transition period.

With the Coronavirus Crisis gripping the UK and Europe, the challenge to control the outbreak will require the full attention of legislators on both sides of the Channel. Nothing short of the full focus of government departments, civil servants and the public will be necessary in order to save lives. Alas, the social and economic consequences of the virus will likely be felt for a long time after we emerge from the crisis. 

Both the UK government and the EU are, quite rightly, prioritising the Coronavirus outbreak ahead of anything else. Despite this, we mustn’t forget that the UK is currently locked in a time-limited transition period as we withdraw from the EU. The clock stops automatically on December 31st 2020 and, already, vital negotiations regarding the future economic relationship between the UK and the EU have been cancelled in order to deal with the outbreak. As this continues, it is of crucial importance that the Government takes every step to avoid crashing out of the EU on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms in December. Boris Johnson and his government have a duty to manage both the Coronavirus Crisis and the UK’s withdrawal from the EU so as to minimise their impact.