Petition: Launch the Public Inquiry into the UK's response to COVID-19 immediately

The UK public deserves answers

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Thanks to your support, on 12 May 2021, the Prime Minister reluctantly committed to launching this public inquiry - but not until the spring of 2022. Since then many months have passed and the UK Government has failed to make any progress towards launching the public inquiry they promised us. 

This is why we are asking you to support our calls for the public inquiry to be launched now - without further delay. 

 "To the Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson MP: Launch the public inquiry into the UK's response to COVID-19 without delay."

If you agree with us, add your name to this petition today. 

The UK now has among the highest Covid-19 death rate in the world. The UK government's lack of strategy has cost the UK thousands of lives and livelihoods. We deserve answers.

"To the Prime Minister and leaders of UK political parties: Commit to a full public inquiry into the UK response to the coronavirus outbreak."

You can read more on why we are calling for a public inquiry here.

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The UK Public deserves answers

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