The chances of stopping Boris Johnson and Brexit have never been higher since the referendum.

The Brexiteers promised the NHS £350m a month. Instead, it has lost thousands of European staff members, received an order to stockpile life-saving medicines and been threatened with privatisation in post-Brexit trade deals with Donald Trump.

The NHS belongs to us. And we can save it. European citizens are our doctors, our nurses and our midwives - we want them to stay. Our trade with Europe keeps our NHS safe from privatisation.

Join the Demo to say No to Boris, Yes to Europe, and to defend our NHS.

Our countryside is threatened by habitat loss, our cities are choked by air pollution, and the environment our children will inherit looks increasingly unstable. Climate change does not respect borders. A global crisis requires a global solution.

We cannot fight it alone. We must join forces with our European friends and become leaders of the climate fightback. We need a united strategy that is capable of delivering real change.

Join the Demo to say No to Boris, Yes to Europe, and fight for our environment.

Free movement and migration have enriched our society and our culture. European citizens are our neighbours and our nurses.

We reject the lie that immigration is to blame for falling wages, the housing crisis and crumbling public services, which are the result of decisions made by politicians.

As part of Europe we are in a stronger position to fight sexism, racism and homophobia. As part of Europe we can imagine a better future where all people regardless of their sex, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, race or ability are free to live and love equally.

Join the Demo to say No to Boris, Yes to Europe, and stand up for equality and freedom.

We need to be at the heart of the world’s biggest economy - the European Union - to secure opportunities for all. We need to protect our industries and our rights, and create more highly paid and secure jobs for our citizens. We cannot do this by turning our backs on our largest trading partners.

Join the Demo to say No to Boris, Yes to Europe, and secure a prosperous and fair future for all.

With Brexit, we are giving up our voice, our votes and our veto. We know the European Union is not perfect but with a seat at the table, we can fight for change inside and outside of Europe’s borders. We can take on climate change and push for social justice.

Join the Demo to say No to Boris, Yes to Europe, so the UK can be part of the fight for a better world.


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