Who Are We?

We are a network of grassroots pro-European organisations joining forces to defend democracy

Britain for Europe's key objectives are ensuring that continued membership of the EU is recognised in public debate as a legitimate option for the UK. It seeks to communicate the reality that the majority of the British people want a vote on the final deal, with remaining in the EU as the outcome if the deal is rejected.

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Scientists for EU is a campaign by UK scientists to keep the UK in the EU. Science is vital for the UK's economy and quality of life. Science is also at the heart of global, social challenges that face us all. We believe that we can achieve so much more good for the UK and the world from within the EU.

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NHS for a People's Vote is the grassroots campaign fighting for a People's Vote to save UK healthcare. They believe that with no-deal Brexit looming, the future of the NHS looks to be in dire straits, with problems for staffing, research, and access to medicines.

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Inspire EU believes Britain’s membership of the EU makes us a more influential, prosperous, and vibrant country. They want to mobilise and empower young people who believe it is better to change things from the inside than be isolated on the outside. Their mission is to achieve a referendum on the final Brexit deal with an option to Remain.

The March for Change operates an open and honest transparency policy. That means we want you to know exactly how we’re funded. Every penny donated will go directly towards the planning of the march. So, if we get donations larger than £500 we will ask donors if they are happy to make their names public knowledge on our Register of Interest. For larger donations of £7,500 or more, their name will automatically be published.