Our New Mission

Since the general election, we have taken the time to reassess the political environment, and refocus March for Change to be a campaign fit for the future. We campaigned long and hard against Brexit but now, in this new political reality, we are looking to the battles that lie ahead.

We have a new mission: to defend our NHS, environment, agri-food standards and protections as well as our rights and freedoms in the upcoming US trade negotiation. In doing so, we will advocate for close regulatory alignment with the EU. You can read our full mission statement here.

However, the severity of the Coronavirus Crisis changes everything. Our campaign will have to wait while we all do our bit to deal with the immediate threat facing our country. It will require a truly national effort to overcome the outbreak and save lives; we all have to play our part. 

On 23 March 2019, hundreds of thousands marched through London against Brexit and for a final say referendum. One year on, we are urging everyone to observe the UK lockdown rules and stay at home. 

Staying at home does not mean we cease operating entirely; we will continue to campaign digitally while we follow social distancing guidelines, and look forward to fully resuming operation when the UK emerges from the outbreak.

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