Grassroots Utilities

WordUpDesign, UKPEN, iStopBrexit, RemainVoter, MyEU, Grassroots

We work closely with grassroots campaigners up and down the country.

Because of their dedication to making positive change, many of them have created outstanding resources to help activists work more closely together, no matter how many miles are between them.

Here are a couple of utilities which come from the very people making change happen every single day:


1) WordUp Design is a web-based store which sells pro-EU motif clothing and merchandise and will stock items dedicated to our march.

2) MyEU is a website which maps out EU funded projects across the country and you can search your own area for the information.

3) iStopBrexit is a simple utility which can identify local groups and events up and down the country.

4) UKPEN is a networking centre where groups can support each other's work.

5) RemainVoter is a tactical voting site used during the recent EU elections with some success. 

6) EUWorthIt is a calculator which shows an estimate of your contribution paid to the EU through tax collections

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