Why we must act

The government's police, crime, sentencing and courts bill, which contains new powers for officers and the home secretary to impose conditions on public assembly is a move to silence dissent. 

Under current legislation it is possible to organise large scale, peaceful demonstrations. As we as an organisation have done so many times before. The new laws proposed in this Bill are a politically motivated attempt to stifle political protest.

In a democracy, the role of the government and the police should be to encourage and facilitate safe and legal demonstrations. This bill will instead lead to the voices of millions being silenced, or worse, force many into unsafe and illegal protests. 

By passing a Bill that strips its citizens of the right to protest, the government will lose all moral authority to call out the oppression of democratic movements such as in China, Belarus and Russia.

Join us in calling for the Bill to be withdrawn. 

Sign the petition here

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